"The secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old but building the new"  Socrates   Socrates born in 439 BC wrote this statement yet in all these years we still have not grasp the concept.  We spend millions of dollars to fight various

causes ( war, poverty, violence ) yet how much money and energy do we used to heal these situations?

Annabelle's Haven is taking Socrates idea to heart with our unique approach to healing women and children affected to domestic violence.  Annabelle's two year residency program's mission is to honor and empower the women and children as they go through their healing process.  Along with one on one advocacy and participation group support there will be skill building classes, job readiness, life skills, parenting classes, and nutrition classes .  It is our goal to not only help the women to survive but to thrive.

Once a week there will be discussions on the issues and problems that have come up during the week.  For I feel true strength is when you have a lot  to cry about but you continue forward.  We will than discuss and celebrate their accomplishments. .  By celebrating their accomplishments we are putting the focus on how far they have come, not on how far they have to go.