When you look at life through eyes of gratitude, the world becomes a magical and amazing place          Jenifer Gayle
















Thank you to all that have been there through the tears and the cheers to make Annabelle's Haven a reality:

Annabelle Fraker, my mom and the reason Annabelle's Haven was born.   She had such faith in God's love.  She always would say "God is in charge and knows all our needs"  When I was 13 years old I was awaken one night to my mom crying " my vase is broken, my vase is broken" It was late and I just went back to bed.  In the morning I found mom in bed it was not her vase but her FACE that was broken.  Each time something like this would happen, I would beg her to leave.  She would always state " but there is no where to go with 6 kids"  I made a promise to her that day that someday I would have a place for women such as her to go and even though it has taken in 50 years Annabelle's Haven will be such a place.  Where women and children can heal from domestic violence in a safe haven.

Blaine, my dear husband, who upon retiring realized his wife of 45 years wish to open Annabelle's Haven in North Carolina- 4 states away from Florida where we have lived for over 60 yrs.   He hasn't always understood but he has been by my side and that I am truly grateful.

Brenda, dear daughter, you have listen to my unceasing saga on my trails and successes with Annabelle's Haven, it has felt that we were birthing our babies  together. thank you.

Barbara, dear daughter, you have been the most quiet on Annabelle's Haven for Christmas gave me an angel necklace and wrote the most moving note stating "You are going to help so many women and children.. you are their Guardian Angel.  I am honored to call you my mother, my best friend, my angel.  Your mother is shining down on you- she is your angel and proud of you."  Thank you, Barb

Ashlee, dear granddaughter, wrote a school paper on me stating " Everyone has a person they idolize or set out to be like, my wish is to be like my grandmother.  .... My grandmother is one of the most influential women in my life.  I strive every day to be great like her, in doing as much for my community "   At the time I read this paper was struggling with the IRS to get our 501C3 and I had lost a 1.4 million dollar grant because I could not get the 501 status on time. Thank you, Ashlee for those words of encouragement.

Kylie, dear granddaughter,  You drew me  that beautiful hand with roses and vines in the hand.  To me it symbolizes the very essence of Annabelle's Haven.  A hand may have abused the women, however,  through Annabelle's helping hand and Mother Nature they will survive, grow and thrive.  They will remember their own magnificent just like that of a magnificent rose. That picture is now the trade mark for Annabelle's Haven. "May the sweetness of God, our God, be upon us. And may God give intention to the work of our hands, and the work of our hands give meaning to God.   Thank you, Kylie

Rich, dear son in law, You have always been there when ever I needed you.   You are so tech savvy, from helping me with my domain names, website, emails,  brochure, the list could go on and on.. I thank you.

Teri, dear sister.  Together we have been apart of mom's saga and you have heard of my dream for 50 years. You have always been encouraging, thank you.

Mary Helen, cousin by birth Sister by heart, you have been my cheering squad, thank you

AngieMcCool,  I had come to Burnsville, talking to and asking  75+ people to be a part of Annabelle's Haven and be on the Board of Directors and they all said no.  Than one day we entered your restaurant and you came to the table and ask if we were new in area.  Upon hearing about Annabelle' ..You immediately volunteered to help I did not even have to ask.  Than you talked Jessica Bryant into helping too.  Thank you Angie & Jessica so very much.  I could not of filed for and gotten our 501c3  without you volunteering to be  Board Members.

Susan Austin, after I had just got 2 Board members, we than met you and after I was telling you the good news you too volunteered  to be a board member.  Thank you so much for being a part of my dream team.

Nancy Norman , Unity minister and my friend and mentor.  Your words of encouragement and celebrating each milestone has help me on my way. Unity Tuesday Prayer Circle and Thursday Prosperity Breakfast have been my spiritual substance through this journey.  I thank you

Christine Nagy, Barbara Friend, Bernadette Wright took me and Linda under their wing and showed us how to make the most beautiful scarves with silk prints.  It will be such a wonderful project for the women to do.  Thank you.

Armin,  Annabelle's  talented architect, has patiently revised our prints as our dream as evolved. You have even done the work awaiting our grant money.  Thank you